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I know.... This is tough....I kept my story a secret for 3 years, so I understand. There were things that happened that lived inside me and ate away at me until I released it. I was so angry with myself for a long time. Honestly, I still struggle. But, I know I am not alone and you aren't either. My goal is to create a place where you feel comfortable and safe sharing your story while spreading awareness of how common Domestic Violence really is through the numerous accounts and stories shared.

The Pearl Branding Collective will post a Survivor's story every Friday. All survivors featured will also be candidates to be a recipentant of the Survivor Launch Fund to recieve free design and coaching services for 3 months. 

Safety is my number one priority. If at any point you would like your story removed, send my a DM, shoot me a text or give me a ring. I will promptly remove anything from my website or social media accounts with your name or likeness. 

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Just like a pearlyou are formed by irritants 

& transform into something rare & beautiful

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Survivor Launch Fund Reciepents receive a Lavendar Pearl Branding Package, free of charge plus coaching and more.